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A New School Year, A Fresh Start for College Democrats

by Anthony Eliopoulos

Being a college democrat has been the best opportunity of my life. The accomplishments and friends I have made since joining my freshman year have been enough to fulfill my college desires. I know that college democrats, and the platform it has, can have this impact on many people. Which is why college democrats should have a far-reaching tent and recruit like no other. It’s up to us to bring in a new wave and generation of democrats because we are the future of this party and this country.

Last week and this week mark the start of classes on campuses in Ohio. Tens of thousands of freshmen will be pouring into universities across the state, and the majority of them are looking to get involved. A silver lining of the November election is that students are ready to organize and be active on their campuses. We have to tap into that energy and potential. College democrats on campus should be a resort that not only politically interested people go to, but also anyone and everyone who want to make their campus a better place.

Anthony is a junior at Ohio University majoring in political science pre-law and strategic communication. He is also the communications director for CDO.

That starts with being visible, active, and effective on campus. Local races and politics play a huge role in this. Registering voters, passing out pamphlets, attending county party meetings are all tangible ways to enact change. College democrats need to continue to go that extra mile and join their county’s central committee. We need to apply for jobs at the city hall and state legislature, because these are the places where differences are made.

More importantly, students should know that being an active member in college democrats will connect them with potential opportunities. Advertise available internships. Bring in local elected officials to the meetings. Make a point that joining college democrats will catapult them in their careers, because it will. Doing this will prepare us for the future, when we’re the ones making the calls, and running for office. We shouldn’t be afraid to have the uncomfortable discussions at meetings about what the democratic party should do, because there is no one answer. Donald Trump is president. Anything is possible.

I’ve never once been deterred about politics. That’s because politics is what you make of it, and for me, I have worked to make politics be about helping people in many aspects. That is thanks to college democrats. That is my pitch to everyone I talk to about joining college democrats. That we’re the ones fighting for the civil rights and liberties for all students on campuses, and we shouldn’t shy away from that, we should own it.


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